Every day prayer requests pour in to us concerning losses.  Whether it’s employment, health, marriage, or financial, loss happens to us all.  Without God our only hope is to medicate, cope and go on.  However, as believers, we can do more than just take a defensive posture in life!  God’s Word is filled with examples of restoration and tools that we can apply to our own personal situation.

I have just released a 59-page mini-book entitled, Restoration God’s Way that I want to make available to all Covenant Partners who give in this month of August.  You will be empowered to not only take back what has been stolen from your life, but tap into God’s abundant reward for those who have endured great trials.

In this book you’ll find answers to these questions, and more:

  1. How can I find restoration in the case of the death of a loved one, loss of innocence, irreconcilable relationship, etc.?
  2. How can you gain a hundred-fold return after losing everything?
  3. How can I receive restoration when I am to blame for the loss?
  4. Is it presumptuous to expect that God wants to restore and bless me this side of Heaven?
  5. How do I effectively appeal to the justice of God, the Just Judge?

I wrote this book with you in mind. He’s Alive was able to publish it at such an affordable price, that we can bless you with it this month.  Because I am so passionate about restoration, I will be signing every copy personally, and praying over each one – believing for full restoration in your life.  To obtain a copy, simply send the best love offering you can to He’s Alive Radio.  The minimum suggested donation is $10 to cover the cost of printing/shipping.  Every penny goes right back into keeping He’s Alive Radio broadcasting in the summer months.

Restoration is Yours!